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Countryside Trees is based in San Antonio, Texas. We are committed to providing the very best drought resistant selections of native and adapted shade trees to both the individual and commercial customer.

[trees are life]About 60 species of oak occur in the United States and Canada, with about 150 additional species in Mexico. They grow in a variety of habitats, from seacoasts to high mountain slopes and from wet lowlands to high, dry mesas. Flowering occurs in the spring, before the new leaves appear, and large quantities of pollen are shed into the wind.

The trees may be deciduous (losing their leaves in the fall) or evergreen. Most eastern United States species are deciduous-the live oak of the southeastern coastal plain being a notable exception-whereas the western United States has both many evergreen and many deciduous species.

All our trees are grown from acorns that are harvested from mature trees that have been selected for growth form, insect and disease resistance, and general overall appearance.[from the container to your home]

The trees are grown from start in plastic containers not field dug and then transplanted to pots. We utilize drip irrigation which, when coupled with our soil, produces a finely structured, compact root system. Custom blended disease free soils are used with little chance of nematode infestations.


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